We have vast experience in the area of Commercial Law. We provide invaluable legal assistance and advice on the establishment of companies and commercial undertakings in general, on company formation and liquidation. We work together with co-professionals (economists, financial accountants, real-estate agents, translators etc) towards a joint understanding of the issues and help in developing strategies consistent with the business objectives of our clients and finally create flexible corporate structures which best meet our clients’ needs.   
We handle our clients’ corporate deals and transactions, product development contracts and commercial agreements that undertakings and enterprises carry out in the framework of business activities (works, services and supply of goods contracts, exclusive and non-exclusive agency agreements, distribution and exclusive supply contracts, franchising agreements etc.).
Αn essential part of the solutions offered by this practice is the capability to provide sound legal guidance in proceedings before administrative and tax authorities and competent courts.
Practice focus:

  •     Corporate Law/Contracts (company formation and liquidation, corporate governance, compliance with the legal and operational framework governing the operation of companies, directors’ and shareholders’ rights and liabilities, distribution and, franchising agreements)
  •     Corporate Governance (shareholders matters, strategic transactions, disclosure requirements, changes in control, directors compensation and qualifications
  •     Licensing and drafting proposals for development programmes