Translation services

In the world of globalization, multilingualism and electronic governance, translation is a useful communication tool and necessary precondition for carrying out safely and properly agreements and transactions between parties communicating in different languages. Particularly, when the result of the said communication is drafted down in writing and becomes into force between the parties. Ιn Nomosfrasis we undertake the provision of translation services of high quality, meeting with the deadlines or delivery of projects while maintaining competitive prices approachable to our clients. We provide translation services in many foreign languages and in many language combinations. We are discerned for our reliability and the result of high quality to the most accurate translation of documents. Our clients are enabled to receive a free sample of our work in order to verify our quality. In addition, Nomosfrasis cooperates with a large network of translators and attorneys-at-law. Christina Kaklamani, official translator, is our partner and Head of the Translation Department of our office.

Specifically and indicatively, we provide the following translation services:

  •     Translation of texts and documents and proof-reading of texts and documents to be translated
  •     Translation of websites
  •     Localisation of websites and software
  •     Official translation and certification of translation by a lawyer
  •     Official translation by a lawyer
  •     Apostille of Hague Convention

Cost of translations

The estimation of cost for each project to be translated (simple or official) is based on the number of words of the source-text, difficulty degree of the text, terminology (medical,technical, legal etc.) and the language pair combination. Alternatively, you can scan the original text to be translated and send it per e-mail to or fax to +30.2108235738. Kindly mention the kind of desirable service and language destination.
Please be redirected here to ask for a free estimation of cost of the translation project.

Payment methods

You can proceed with the payment as follows:

a) Via bank transfer

b) In cash in our office

Our Office undertakes the  the Accomplishment of translation projects in all language combinations.